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Rokok Electric adalah sebuah alat elektronik yang berbentuk layaknya rokok pada umumnya, dan bila dihisap akan mengeluarkan asap dan rasa yang tidak berbeda dengan rokok biasa.

Rokok Elektrik adalah

Rokok Elektrik adalah sebuah alat elektronik yang berbentuk layaknya rokok pada umumnya, dan bila dihisap akan mengeluarkan asap dan rasa yang tidak berbeda dengan rokok biasa.

Berikut penjelasan dari E-Cigarette yang telah dilansir oleh sumber.

E-cigarette is an alternative to smoked tobacco products, such as cigarettes, cigars, or pipes. It is a battery-powered device that provides inhaled doses of nicotine by delivering a vaporized propylene glycol/nicotine solution. In addition to nicotine delivery, this vapor also provides a flavor and physical sensation similar to that of inhaled tobacco smoke, while no tobacco, smoke, or combustion actually involved in its operation. An electronic cigarette usually takes the form of some manner of elongated tube, though many are designed to resemble the outward appearance of real smoking products, like cigarettes, cigars, and pipes. A common design is also the "pen-style", so named for its visual resemblance to a ballpont pen. Most electronic cigarettes are reusable devices with replaceable and refillable parts. A number of disposable electronic cigarettes have also been developed.

1.How does NobleSmokers work?
NobleSmokers works with small rechargeable batteriy and a unique, safe replaceable cartridge that contains water, propylene glycol, nicotine, a scent that emulates a tobacco, and other flavorings exclusive to NobleSmokers. When you inhale it activates the atomizer which releases simulated smoke that is actually water vapor. We produce E-liquid w/wo PG and with VG

2.What makes NobleSmokers better than other electronic cigarettes?
NobleSmokers is the best electronic cigarette in the market, not only because it's involve since 2002,
listen carefully to our customer idea's. We are very proud to server offer the 50 OEM costumers .

3.Who can purchaseNobleSmokers?
NobleSmokers is available to anyone over the age of 18.

4.To what countries do you ship?
NobleSmokers purchases can be shipped to Everywhere .

5.How long does it take to receive my order?
All orders are shipped ASAP. Customers should receive orders within 8 business days. These time frames are estimates based on averages and are not guaranteed. Large orders please negotiate.

6.Can I really smoke NobleSmokers anywhere?
Yes, NobleSmokers is not a traditional cigarette and does not burn tobacco. It can be smoked in areas where normal smoking bans are in place - such as bars, restaurants, planes and offices Please always ask. NobleSmokers produces water vapor that is odorless and disappears in a few seconds.

7.Does NobleSmokers produce smoke?
No, NobleSmokers produces an odorless and harmless water vapor that disappears in seconds.

8.What are the ingredients in e-liquid?
NobleSmokers cartridges contain nicotine (in levels of Vhigh, high, medium, low and no nicotine), propylene glycol, tobacco flavoring, and other flavoring ingredients exclusive to NobleSmokers. These cartridges come in various flavors and nicotine levels to satisfy the needs of a variety of smokers. Propylene glycol is a water-based ingredient found in many health products and medicines. None of the ingredients in the cartridges have been found to be carcinogenic.

9.How long does each cartridge last?
NobleSmokers cartridges last 130-165 puffs, depending on the smoking habits of the user. One NobleSmokers cartridge is equal to approximately 12 traditional cigarettes.

10.How long does each battery last?
NobleSmokers batteries are the latest lithium-ion technology and will last as long as it takes a user to smoke two cartridges, on average 260 puffs.

11.How do I know when the battery needs recharging?
Your NobleSmokers battery will blink 20 times when it needs to be recharged.

12.How long does it take to recharge a battery?
On average, a fully discharged battery will take two to tree hours to fully recharge.

13.How much nicotine is in each cartridge?
There are four levels of nicotine strength in NobleSmokers cartridges: Full Flavored, Light, Ultra Light, and Non-Nicotine. The level of nicotine varies from 28mg - 0mg per cartridge.

14.What are the effects of nicotine?
The effects of nicotine are stimulation, a feeling of relaxation, calmness, and alertness. These effects can last from minutes to hours. Nicotine is considered habit-forming and addictive. The carcinogenic properties of nicotine in a standalone form, separated from tobacco smoke, have not been evaluated by the International Agency for Research on Cancer/IARC.

15.Is NobleSmokers healthier than traditional cigarettes?
NobleSmokers does not make health claims but it is important to note that NobleSmokers does not contain the tar and carcinogens associated with traditional tobacco cigarettes. It simply provides the smoker with a small dose of nicotine to satisfy their cravings.

16.Is my purchase secure?
Absolutely. Purchasing from NobleSmokers is completely safe. Your details will never be shared with 3rd parties.

17.Can NobleSmokers be used to quit smoking?
Different people use different devices and/or methods to stop smoking. NobleSmokers has not been laboratory-tested to qualify as a smoking cessation device. We do supply non-nicotine cartridges for smokers to remove their nicotine intake completely while still allowing them to satisfy their habitual desires of smoking.

18.What flavors are available?
NobleSmokers has developed more then 60 exclusive flavors: Rose, Chocolate, Health Pear, Peach, Cherry, Strawberry, Pineapple, Spearmint, Apple, Lemon, Menthol, Grapefruit, Sweet Wine, Licorice, Coconut, Black Tea, Banana, Almond, Orange, Grape, Melon, Clove, Rum, Coffee, Dr. Pepper, Cola the C, Egg white, Kiwi, Red the Bull (El toro), Cream, Juicy Peach, Brandy, Watermelon, Green Tea, Mango, Vanilla, Mandarin, Korea Tobacco, Pep-the-si, Litchi, Fennel, RY01-RY02–RY03-RY04, Hilton, 555, Camel, Cigar, Mboro, Tobacco, China, Virginia, DK-TAB, French Pipe, Blended, Mild 7's, Winston, Oriental Tobacco, Turkish Blended, Cappuccino, Flavorless, Double mint, Turbosmog

Rokok Elektrik adalah